Christmas Tree Decorating

Dec 6, 2022

The Microsoft / Grant PUD tree is all decorated and ready to go for next Saturday’s event at Quincy Valley Historical Society. Thank you to Lisa Karstetter, Jennifer Mickelson, and Annette Hartsbarger for decorating such a beautiful tree.

The Quincy Valley Historical Society is hosting a Festival of Trees and Christmas Tree Auction. See their facebook page for more information.

This tree is about history – honoring our past through stories and then telling your own story. If you end up buying our tree… you not only get everything on it and under it… you get an opportunity to tell your story through Storyworth.

The ornaments for the tree came from a beautiful holiday-loving woman named Karen Fitch, who sadly passed away recently. She collected and meticulously stored the gold ornaments. Her husband generously gave them to us to use for our tree, and we can’t imagine a better tribute to Karen than for others to enjoy her beautiful bulbs and decorations on a tree.

Are you ready for Christmas? What is your favorite holiday tradition?