New economic development group advocates for local industry

Jun 2, 2020

EPHRATA – An economic champion has been created to advocate for Grant County’s industrial and technology sectors. On Tuesday, the Grant County Industrial Alliance (GCIA) announced its formation. Based in Ephrata, the new organization stated in an email that it is dedicated to clean energy, promoting local jobs, technology and a higher quality of life for locals. In addition, GCIA says it has a plan to support economic development and job creation throughout the county. The group is comprised of industrial companies with either a stake or physical location in Grant County. Woven within its plan for economic development, GCIA will emphasize technology, renewable and clean energy, and support key community initiatives according to GCIA President Chuck Sutton of REC Silicon.

Sutton says it “will be a positive voice for local economic development and jobs throughout the county.” “Our companies are committed to the community and we contribute to local educational opportunities for young people throughout our county. While our member companies have been doing many of these things here for years, we have decided that our work throughout the county will be even more impactful if we come together and work more closely as a group with our key leaders in the count,” said Sutton.

GCIA added that it’s developed a relationship with agencies like the Grant County Economic Development Council and local port districts. GCIA also aspires to deepen its ties and further the technology education work it does with Big Bend Community College, the Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center and local school districts.

“By coming together as one group, and speaking with one voice on important issues to the county, we will be able to do more for the future of the county, and all of us who call Grant County home,” said Sutton. “Our members are excited about the work we can do to provide more opportunities to work in the technology field, and find jobs that will allow them to stay and work here in Grant County.”

The members of the GCIA include:

–       Chemi-Con Materials Corporation

–       Columbia Basin Railroad

–       H5 Data Centers

–       Joyson Safety Systems

–       Microsoft

–       Moses Lake Industries Inc

–       Norco

–       Nouryon

–       NTT Data Services

–       REC Silicon Inc

–       Sabey

–       Vantage

–       Verizon Media