Our Companies: Meet Norco

Sep 28, 2021

Industrial companies often rely on each other when it comes to the parts needed to keep supply chains going or materials critical to product storage. That’s where Norco comes in.

Between Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Cascade Mountain range, Norco is the only manufacturer of liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon; many large-scale manufacturing operations in Grant County and beyond rely on Norco for such materials.

Norco is a producer of medical oxygen used by hospitals in the region and makes the nitrogen needed in food processing and storage.

Norco has over a dozen operating locations in Washington state, but the largest cluster of Norco’s operating locations is in Grant County.

“We have roughly a dozen people that work from our Moses Lake ASU facility, but we also have a medical and industrial retail operation in Moses lake and a high-pressure filling facility in Ephrata. While these other locations and not heavy power users they are critical spokes in the Norco wheel that supports the region,” stated Sonny Knotts, Norco’s Manager of Operations and Production.

Norco is concentrated in Grant County because of the demand for its products and services. Grant County is the ‘industrial epicenter’ of north central Washington. Norco’s heavy presence in north central Washington is an economic driver, according to Knotts.

“Being a producer of very specialized commodities in a rural setting has no doubt attracted some businesses that depend on these items.”

Knotts believes Norco’s expansive presence in Grant County will continue to foster expansion of existing businesses and will attract new ones.

Knotts revealed the attributes of Norco’s long history of success.

“We provide product availability, stability, and pricing into a niche market,” he explained. “Norco intends to remain an independent in a market that is increasingly being swallowed up by the global players in our industry. We will do that through local support and dedicated employees.”

Knotts’ assertion stands true. Norco intends to remain as a family-owned business.  It’s been owned by the Kissler family since 1968.

Speaking of local support, Knotts says Grant PUD’s competitively-priced power allows Norco to provide stability to the communities it operates in. As for its workforce, 35% of Norco is owned by its employees.

Aside from providing stability to its staff, Norco has set aside funding for donations to local non-profits and charitable organizations.

Norco is based in Boise, Idaho, with dozens of locations across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.