Our Companies: Meet Serverfarm LLC

Sep 14, 2021

You could say that Grant County is undergoing a ‘digital transformation’ these days; especially as data centers and server farms begin to take deeper root in the region. Fortunately, Grant County is home to a company that is an authority in driving ‘digital transformation’ and optimizing it to achieve the maximum efficiencies needed for a thriving data-center-driven industry in our area.

Moses Lake is home to one of Serverfarm LLC’s data centers, Titan ML1, a former U.S. Air Force missile base capable of withstanding a 10-megaton blast within a quarter mile. The company is headquartered in El Segundo, California and has various data center locations across the globe. Serverfarm is employed by enterprises that are looking to expand their physical footprint while reducing their carbon output, improve efficiencies through Serverfarm’s advanced management service platform, and appoints Serverfarm to modernize their facilities and the equipment within to enhance performance.

“Serverfarm plays an important role in helping enterprises reach and accelerate their digital transformation goals. From data center design and colocation, to IT management through our award-winning InCommand platform, Serverfarm offers the most modern and secure data center environments and services to meet today’s most complex demands,” Serverfarm Moses Lake Director of Operations Tyler Johnson explained to the Grant County Industrial Alliance.

Johnson says Serverfarm’s signature data center management services allow clients to focus on innovation, while Serverfarm deploys, runs, and manages a data center’s physical infrastructure.

Grant County serves as a hub for data centers in eastern Washington, which is why Serverfarm has situated itself within its borders. However, they acknowledged other perks offered by the county which allows for a thriving data center industry.

“Grant County offers a myriad of opportunities for our customers while providing great network connectivity, ample and reliable power and energy sources. Grant County aligns perfectly with our sustainability mission from the low cost of power to the renewable green energy – 100% hydropower – options. The connectivity in the county is very robust and allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions for leading brands needing to service the county and its surrounding areas,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson and his employer tout Grant County’s commitment to innovation; a quality that plays an integral role in Serverfarm’s success, and the success of its client base.

The phrase “you get what you give” applies in Grant County, according to Johnson. Serverfarm and its clients can give back to the region thanks to the many amenities made available to them.

“Data centers are one of the most critical relatively invisible business requirements that keep industries afloat. The biggest cities in the world are also data center capitals because data centers are essential to store, process and manage critical company data. Serverfarm is a global operator of multi-tenant data centers; with a facility of this kind in Grant County, we support local businesses and local connectivity, keeping the region online and giving area industries a world-class option for managing data effectively.”

Johnson says Serverfarm has become a global leader in data center management as a service to other enterprises across the globe. Expansion plans are in the works. Because the company builds as they go, Johnson says each new contract presents local career opportunities and an increase in business to local utility companies.