Our People: Meet Norco’s Randy Lybbert

Feb 28, 2021

Randy Lybbert of Moses Lake is one of Norco’s senior plant operators. The Moses Lake native has spent the last six years working at Norco’s air separation plant in the lake town. 2014 marked ‘year 10’ for Lybbert as an oil well worker, but his career working on and around such contraptions was eclipsed by an opportunity at the Norco plant in Moses Lake.

“After working on and around oil wells for a decade in the oil and gas industry, I found myself looking for another job when the price of crude oil dropped causing the downturn in late 2014. The company I was working with decided to close the doors and laid off all 500-plus employees. When I looked at the opportunities in the Moses lake area, my experiences with the use of cryogenic liquids’ both Nitrogen and CO2, as a tool to enhance the production of oil and gas wells opened the door for my position here at Norco.”

Norco is a producer of industrial gases used to package foods, welding, paints, primers, fire extinguishers, cleaning products, etc.

During his correspondence with Grant County’s Industrial Alliance, Randy implied that Norco truly appreciated his skills and experience; the company recognized that Randy’s background in the oil and gas industry would transfer well into his newly-found role with Norco.

“I brought a large base of mechanical and industrial experience to work with me at Norco Inc., they like that and are happy to have that added to the operation.”

Like the products it manufactures, ‘solvent’ could be one word used to describe Norco.

“Norco Inc., even with the impact of the current conditions, is a healthy growing company, I expect them to continue to find ways to meet the needs here and grow as they do.”

Like other industrial companies, Randy says Norco creates a good working atmosphere that is “hard to beat,” and that the company is transparent in showing its appreciation of the work performed by its staff by “rewarding” their efforts.

As far as Randy’s time outside of work is concerned, he recently hiked 150 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail with his wife. Randy also enjoys horseback riding in the mountains, goes fishing and hunts big game.

“Growing up here it feels like home. I prefer a rural setting over the metropolitan lifestyle. I like open spaces, easy access to the outdoors, and 4v separate seasons, all of which this area has to offer.”