Our People: Meet Sabey’s Diego Hernandez

Sep 27, 2020

Diego Hernandez is an HVAC Engineer at Sabey Data Center in Quincy. Diego is responsible for maintaining and repairing critical mechanical equipment vital to maintaining appropriate environmental conductions at the datacenter facility year-round. Raised in Quincy, Diego says the arrival of data centers in his hometown years ago gave Diego an epiphany helping him realize a career choice with great potential without having to leave the area he’s become intimate with since childhood.

“What inspired me to pursue a career within the data center industry was my projection that technology will only continue to grow and become a bigger part of everyone’s life’s in the future. What helped fuel my idea was seeing the growth of datacenters being built around our community in Quincy, WA as I was attending high school. I wanted to be part of this industries growth,” Diego told Grant County’s Industrial Alliance.

But, to obtain that desired occupation in his career field of choice, Diego knew it would take some post high school education to achieve his goals.

“To have an opportunity at obtaining a position within a datacenter facility, I knew an educational background would increase my probabilities of being considered for a job position within. I enrolled on what at the time was the newly released program at Big Bend Community College of systems administrator’s certificate, I was part of the pilot class. Less than a year later I was I offered an interview at Sabey Datacenters for the position of a data center facility technician. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity. Three weeks later, I began my first day working at Sabey Datacenters.”

Realizing his potential, Diego apparently excelled at his initial duties as a facilities technician, which involved inspecting and maintaining critical mechanical and electrical equipment. As an HVAC engineer, Diego is now tasked with managing three people who hold the position he had when he started with Sabey.

“What I believe is of most importance within my role is the ability for our HVAC team and all other teams within this facility to work together and communicate effectively to resolve spontaneous issues because at the end of the day we all share the same goal and that is to maintain our sites fully functional with no down time or breach of contracts every day and night, all year round. Effective communication is key and taking in consideration the cause and effect on space conditions when manipulating equipment, creating a big picture mentality is definitely beneficial.”

Despite his success, Diego hasn’t forgotten his roots in the town and county that’s taken care of him most of his life.

“What I value the most about this community is having the opportunity of witnessing the growth and development from when I began school, to graduating from high school and college and now being able to begin my career on my hometown. What I love about the community is the friendly residents, the great fishing spots, the now more accelerated growth of development, the support of school spirit support from the businesses throughout and just that comfortable hometown feeling.”

But that town and county is also catering to his employer, a gesture that’s going to go a long way…

“I am certain Sabey Datacenters will only continue to grow within this community and also continue maintaining good morals, continue striving to operate as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible and most importantly, continue creating opportunity for growth to our local residents within the community. Another benefit is that Sabey employees’ skillsets will grow and develop to become great leaders and therefore great community residents.”