Our People: Meet Sabey’s Ian Pickett

stoic man

The martial art form known as ‘Jujutsu’ is practiced by Sabey Data Center’s Ian Pickett at least three to four nights a week in Ephrata. Ju-jutsu can be broken down into two parts. “Ju” is a “concept” and “Justu” is the principle or “the action” part of Ju-Jutsu. It’s appropriate to assume that the data…

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Our People: Meet Rebecca Johnson of Joyson Safety Systems

smiling woman

When Rebecca Johnson sits down at her desk, she realizes she’s working for a company that’s responsible for saving countless lives behind the wheel worldwide and locally. It’s that ‘local’ element that Rebecca fixates on, knowing that the job she does daily contributes to the preservation of life in the community she lives in. Rebecca…

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